Residence in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco offers an immigration program for self-sufficient applicants. Living in the Principality of Monaco provides the highest quality of living in Europe.

Kemptown Migration
Kemptown Migration
  • - Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated state to live in
  • - There are no taxes on income, capital gains, wealth, and inheritance
  • - Personal security and high quality medical care
  • - Applications can be submitted in any French Embassy
  • - Simple and straightforward renewal process
  • - The Cote d’Azur and Italy on the doorstep.

The primary requisite is to prove the candidates’ self-sufficiency without governmental support. The residents do not have to start a business, invest or pay additional taxes in the Principality of Monaco. The following are required for the application:

  • The lease contract or the certificate of ownership of a residential real estate in Monaco and a local bank account.
  • Police no criminal record certificate
  • Confirmation of foreign sourced income or bank deposit.
Kemptown Migration
Kemptown Migration
LGBT rights

Members of the LGBT community can settle as a couple in a civil union if they can provide their civil union certificate from another country.