Stricter rules to defend investors for the Cypriot citizenship

The Cypriot government launches new regulations to protect even more the investors, who wish to become citizens, through the Cyprus citizenship by investment programme. 
The most important amendment is that the real estate developers cannot sell their properties through marketing it as citizenship by investment project. Only official agents will have the right to help the investors, who would like to have Cypriot passports. 

Advantages of Cyprus for members of the LGBT+ community

Obtaining a passport of a Member State of the European Union means, that you can travel, live and work in any other EU nation.
The European Union guarantees discrimination-free life for all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals. The level of gay-related regulations is different in the Member States. In Cyprus, same-sex couples can register their partnership, or they can marry in 17 other EU countries.
Cypriot citizens can learn free in the University of Cyprus and Cyprus University of Technology. The citizens of Cyprus may also learn in any other EU Member State, and some of the European countries offer tuition-fee free education, like Sweden, Germany or Greece. Diplomas and other certificates of schooling are mutually recognized in all EU nations. 
Holders of the Cypriot passport can enjoy the European healthcare rights. EU citizens have access to healthcare in any of the Member States through the cross-border healthcare scheme. In Cyprus, the health care is free for the contributors of the social security. 
In 2018, Cypriots could enter visa-free or by visa on arrival in 163 countries. 
Cyprus is proud of its low tax rates for individuals and companies. The island nation has several double tax agreement, perhaps the most important is the Russian solution for the business without bureaucracy. Cyprus levies no inheritance tax, the transfer tax on property, which is subject to VAT. An interesting incentive from the government that the applicants for the citizenship pay only the half of the usual amount of VAT on their residential property. Corporation tax is 12,5%. 
Citizens of Cyprus, who are insured by the social security will receive the pension after they retired. 
Cyprus is a Mediterranean paradise island for tourists and locals, and it offers a livable combination of climate, business and culture. 
Cyprus has the third largest percentage in the EU of foreign residents. It is not a coincidence that the quality of life is high, likewise the human development index (HDI). 
Cyprus is one of the most secure EU countries with a low crime rate. Almost everybody speaks English on the island, and you don't have to learn the local Greek language to be able to organise your everyday life. 
Members of the LBTQ+ community may acquire the passport of Cyprus through investment, the official name of the program is "Cypriot Citizenship by Exception."
There are several investment options; you can find here detailed information. However, the most preferred choice is the so-called "Investment in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects." After the investment of two million euros, the applicant may become a citizen in only three months, which is the fastest naturalisation process in Europe.