More than 41,000 successful Spanish Golden Visa applications

Most of the applicants of the Spanish Golden Visa immigration programme arrived from China and Russia. Meanwhile, the total amount of investments reached  3.026 millions of euros, 77% of the investment was real estate purchase, the average price was 649.414 euros. Of the 41,094 visas granted so far, 21,726 have been obtained by relatives. 
Chinese investors (32,6%) bought properties for an average of 742.855 euros. Wealthy Venezuelan investors preferred more expensive real estates for an average of 951.551 euros.
The most attractive region of Spain for the Golden Visa holders is Barcelona. Then comes Madrid, Malaga and Alicante in the comparison of the most popular investment target zones in Spain for the High Net Worth Individual applicants.
62 investors deposited one million euros or bought bonds for two million euros. The new Chinese residents created 740 jobs.
Almost 8,000 applicants from third countries received the high-skilled visa of Spain to live and work.

Is the Spanish Golden Visa an attractive residency by investment programme in the EU? 

Spain's residency by investment programme became popular during the last years; despite the relatively high amount of minimum investment, the limit is half a million euros. 
The reason is that the qualifying amount for the Golden Visa amount is enough for purchase not only residential properties but to start successful businesses. There are several options in the Spanish "Visados Ley de Emprendedores" Golden Visa.

How fast can you obtain the Spanish resident status through investment?

There are two essential timeframes related to the investor's immigration program in Spain: 
  • After the submission of the document, the Spanish authorities have ten (10) working days to issue the entry visa in Spain (Schengen-area) for the applicants from third countries, who need a visa to enter in the EU Member State.
  • After the investment and the submission of the complete application, the Spanish authorities have twenty (20) working days to issue the residence permit. 
So, the Spanish Golden Visa can be the fastest immigration process in the EU for investors, if the act of actual investment activity is well prepared. However, the best advice is to take care and take a careful look at your future investment. If you invest the first time in Europe, it is a must to ask your accountant and lawyer. Your immigration consultant must also help to prepare the documents and help you to choose the right investment and serve you with all necessary background information related to your target. 
Half a million euros is a significant amount of money to invest in the Spanish real estate market. There are several assets, like flats, houses, restaurants, even small hostels, agricultural lands, vineries to purchase, using the minimum investment. 
Spain is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. You can become a resident alone or with your LGBT partner. In Spain, same-sex marriage is allowed, and you can live a discrimination-free life under the Mediterranean sun.
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