EU to ban gay "cure" therapy

The European Parliament is calling the EU Member States to outlaw the practice of "gay cure therapy" The EP has overwhelmingly voted to condemn the discredited practice. Members of the LGBT family can trust in the discrimination-free regulations of the EU and live free in the European Union. 
The official version of the text adopted by the European Parliament states, that: “(the EP) welcomes initiatives prohibiting LGBTI conversion therapies and banning the pathologisation of trans identities and urges all Member States to adopt similar measures that respect and uphold the right to gender identity and gender expression.” 
As the responsible experts, all agree that any attempt to "cure" sexuality are often extremely harmful, futile and misguided. The result of such "therapies" is often self-harm, depression and even suicide. 
The practice of such "gay course therapies" has been already banned in some European countries, like Switzerland and the EU Member State Malta, and also nine states of the US, Taiwan, some provinces in Canada and the Australian Victoria state. 
As an immediate consequence of the EP vote, “Conversion therapy” and homophobic courses for LGBT people would be banned in Ireland under a new, proposed legislation.
Malta, the Mediterranean island nation became the first nation in Europe to outlaw the harmful practice, after passing a law that means doctors found to be performing or advertising such ‘gay therapy’ could face fines and jail time. It’s no surprise that Malta was the first place in the European Union to outlaw gay ‘conversion therapy’ in 2015, the country was named the best for LGBTIQ equality and inclusiveness by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA.)
Shortly after the tiny island nation has legalised the civil union of the same-sex couples, 153 LGBT couples registered their partnership in a single month. 
The other vital guidelines adopted by the European Parliament are amended the legislators' annual report on the fundamental rights of the LGBT community. 
An essential section of the report urged the Member States of the European Union to assure the "freedom of movement for same-sex couples and their families." 
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