Can you bring your family in the EU to live with you?

If you participate in a residency by investment program in the European Union, your same-sex spouse and family may join you during the primary process, or you may start a family reunification process later. 
The EU Member States have some common general directives on immigration, but because of the different national laws and especially the various incentives of the migration programs, all process and personal situation are unique. LGBT or same-sex couple applicants are equally treated, and the immigration process is discrimination-free in all Member States of the European Union. However, the standard directive on immigration applies in 25 countries of the actual 28, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark have different processes. 
First of all, you should obtain the residence permit by investment. You can find the best EU immigration solutions for the LGBT community on this site, Kemptown Migration's experts have more than twenty years of experience in the field of immigration of wealthy third country nationals. 
If you become a legal resident, you can start the process and reunite your family. Most of the residency and citizenship by investment programs allow bringing the whole family with you from the beginning. However, you may do it later as well, or you can fall in love with someone from a third country. 
The first step is to know the relevant legislation in the country of your residence in the European Union because you can start the family reunification process only there. 

What is family reunification?

If you are a non-EU citizen (third country national) but live legally in an EU Member State as a resident, then you may be to apply and obtain the resident status for your family as well. This process is the family reunification, and the primary applicant, who is the resident, becomes the "sponsor", during the official procedure. 
Who may apply for family reunification?
  • He/she must hold a residence permit issued at least one year before the application.
  • Have "reasonable prospects" of residing permanently in the host EU country. This issue is defined by each sovereign Members State. Moreover, the some EU country launched straightforward process, but some nations introduced severe laws on the immigration of third-country national family members. 
Who can join you in Europe?
  • Husbands and wives (same-sex spouses and registered partners in a civil partnership or civil union). 
  • Minor children 
  • Adopted children
Some EU countries even have further restrictions on the minimum age of spouses and children over the age of twelve. 
Always check the relevant legislation of the country of your residence to know the right to join of your:
  • Unmarried partner
  • Registered partner
  • Parents
  • Adult unmarried children
There are general requisites of providing the reasonable quality of life for the newcomers. You will have to prove that you can afford adequate accommodation, health insurance, stable financial support for your family. 
The most straightforward way of moving to the European Union and live a discrimination-free life with your partner and family is the migrate through a residency by investment program. Contact us for detailed and practical information!